"Barbra Jean, you’re the whitest person in Texas. Stop talking like that."

We’re as close as we will ever be again.. Every other weekend.

Van: It was then they realized that neither one of them needed a man…

Oh, one time! The one time our daughter gets pregnant and I never hear the end of it!

The last six years with you have been some of the best professional and personal times of my life. And if somebody would have told me ten years ago that my perfect comic partner was gonna be Reba McEntire, I would have never believed them. I would never have believed I would have been in the same room with you. And it’s true, it is all true…

I have watched this performance so many times

Reba singing “If I had Only Known” on Oprah only 6 months after she lost her band members in the plane crash [x]

Reba dedicates her ACM award to the bandmembers who died in the plane crash

Taylor Swift after being surprised with the Crystal Milestone Award.

Happy New Year!